Wrapping Paper Art Challenge 2017

Sep. 26th, 2017 02:59 pm
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The Wrapping Paper art challenge for Yuletide is an opportunity for those who love art to give and receive fanart treats, in the spirit of the crossover, interactive fiction, and drabble challenges.

  • You can comment here to request art.

  • You can read the comments to find someone to treat.

  • Be sure to post your treats to the Madness Collection. Art is not permitted in the main collection.

  • Tag your treats with 'Wrapping Paper'

Please respect your recipient's wishes as to whether or not they'd like art as a treat.

If you want to receive art, you can post a link to your letter here or fill out this form:

Happy treating!
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This one is a full cast audio adventure starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate.
Just from that I was grinning start to finish.

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I'm really trying to think of things to say about it but mostly just hearing these two again made me :-D and any finer criticism is sort of :-D shaped too.

Ten and Donna!
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Describing Visual Resources Toolkit for Accessibility in Arts & Humanities Publications


The Univ of Michigan has prepared an excellent tool kit for anyone creating text descriptions of visual material. This isn't only relevant to blind or visually impaired users. Folks with narrow bandwidth often turn off image loading so that they can navigate the web in under four days. Adblocking software can also eat your images without warning.

The resource is also notable for how it's structured. They provide entry paths for different users. They reuse the same info in many orders, which increases the chance of matching the user's needs.

For the first time, I understood the differences between "alt" text and "longdesc"! They also make the c dial point that you can't design for today's technology.

This Week in Fandom, Volume 63

Sep. 26th, 2017 01:29 pm
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This Week in Fandom banner by Katek

This Week in Fandom: A victory for fair use, American Ninja Warrior inspired fitness, pop music stan life, and more! https://goo.gl/8Luqpa
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Posted by David Mikkelson

Critics have pointed to the National Football League's seemingly contradictory stances on patriotic displays and national anthem protests.
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War is politics in extremis, and what is the Transformers story about if it’s not about a violent clash of ideologies? -- James Roberts

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(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2017 02:47 pm
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Tonight is going to be dedicated to filling out forms for an appointment Cordelia has tomorrow. Some of the answers required will be long, and I'm thinking to ask Scott if he can get her out of the house for a while so that I can work on it . I lost the morning and early afternoon today to an appointment of my own, so she'll be home in slightly less than ten minutes. Tomorrow is a half day at school, so I won't have child-free time then to finish.

Cordelia seems happy at Skyline and not regretting giving up on Community at all.

I'm inching closer to level 11 in Ingress. I think I might be closer to that than Scott is to level 10. My current guardian portal is at 127 days, and I have two other potential guardian portals that I've been maintaining for a while. Sadly for Scott, I accidentally deleted the only key for the one I'd been recharging for him for the last forty plus days. (I think I'd feel worse about that except that he didn't care enough to try to maintain it himself.)

I spent a little time this morning looking at the Yuletide tag set. Finding things to request is always harder than finding things to offer. I wonder if it would be a terrible breach of etiquette to request something as a gift for someone else?

We went out last night to get Cordelia fitted for a rental dress for choir concerts. That was $25, payable to the choir program at her school. Then we shelled out $30 for shoes to go with the dress. I'd have felt better about that if they had samples in different sizes so that we knew what we were getting that way. Also, girl-identifying folks aren't supposed to wear flats. Guy-identifying folks can. Then we paid $15 for a t-shirt.

For some reason, going out there really smacked me hard physically. I'm not sure why. It was very, very hot outside, but Skyline is air conditioned and was no warmer than our house. I got cranky and ran out of ability to stand (I can still walk when that happens. I just can't stand in one spot without falling over). I had my left arm in a sling because I finally got the discharge instructions from my doctor's appointment back in August. I'm apparently not suppose to use that arm and hand for anything at all. I don't know that I can manage that, though.

The choir also requires that each child's family provide a volunteer on at least three occasions. The thing was that they couldn't tell me exactly what they'd expect me to do on those occasions or exactly what times I'd need to be there or really anything but the title of the event and the date. They probably had about twenty different events needing volunteers. I was near melting down, and Cordelia was horribly embarrassed by me.

I think that some part of this was that this was something for which I'd normally have taken Ativan, but it was too close in time to when I needed to take Halcion in order to sleep. I was also worried that we wouldn't get home in time for me to eat (we did, but I no longer had energy to prepare myself food, and Scott has apparently decided that he will only make me food if I ask specifically and tell him what to make).
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Posted by Dan MacGuill

An online petition accurately describes the basic facts about three installations that were later removed from a Chinese art exhibition.

(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2017 12:19 pm
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Ahahah it's the 26th of September and I haven't finished the short story I had that I think the deadline for submission was on the 30th oops. And of course now that I've realized this my brain has gone into a panic and focus is not happening. Because such is my life.

No, wait, it turns out that lack of focus was a precursor to what I hope is only a headache. Please no migraines today I never did reup my triptan scrip.

I need to finish my damn Roc and a Hard Place story. I need to finish Starlight because I have all the last scenes outlined and I'm slowly chipping away at it but the last three weeks have been a couple quiet days and then a three day clusterfuck, usually a health-involved clusterfuck. I need to do edits on Long Road, start prepping for Nano, try and balance all of this with talking up Turing Shrugged, and every time I think of all of this and how behind I am in some or another thing I want to cry.

On the other hand the house has stayed... not clean clean but cleaner than it was, for a while. Except the hallway where the cat post is because they really love that scratching post and within about a day of me sweeping the hallway it turns into an explosion of carpet bits, or whatever that thing's covered in. But eh. That's what happens when you live with cats, along with weekly construction of a frankencat out of all the goddamn hair they shed.

Blergh. I don't really have anything cheerful, although none of this is dire, either. I just have a headache and deadlines and projects and one thing at a time, I guess. At least this week isn't chock-a-block full of either illness or health care visits. Or whatever else was going on the two weeks before last. Mostly illness I think. Aaargh.

update of sorts

Sep. 26th, 2017 11:22 am
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Well I've been sick with a nasty stomach virus for the past few days.  Today is the first day that I don't feel completely awful so I think it's run it's course.  I basically slept most of the day yesterday, and last night.  I'm feeling a bit better today at least.  

As for other things I've started playing Half-Life 2 on steam, and I'm enjoying it so far.  I've been meaning to play this game for a while since I enjoy quite a few fps games, but I don't have an Xbox, or a PS3 so I figured I'd play it on PC.  It's probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with an older fps game.  I played it for a few hours yesterday, and plan on playing it a bit today.

As for other things I bought a new set of drawing pencils so I plan on drawing more stuff again.  I go through long periods of artist block due to depression, but I finally feel like I want to start drawing again.  Art school actually sort of burned me out on doing my own work as well since I was working so hard to finish my portfolio.  I'm glad I got past that phase a bit, and I plan to start some new projects soon.

That's all for now.  I'm going to go browse youtube, and play a few games.  

(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2017 05:24 pm
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whenever one of my computers breaks
I feel horrible about it
like I, personally, have screwed up like no sensible mortal should ever.

rather than the whole thing where entropy is and sooner or later you have to deal.

in related news, new laptop has gone from nice to have to actual necessity
since this book size tablet can barely internet, and don't reach complicated things.
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Posted by Associated Press

Credit reporting agency Equifax ousted CEO Richard Smith after a damaging data breach that exposed highly sensitive information about 143 million Americans.

The Yuletide Tag Set Is Open

Sep. 26th, 2017 10:11 am
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The Yuletide tag set is open, so everyone can see what was nominated this year. I am genuinely surprised that someone else remembers Escape To Witch Mountain (1995). And all incarnations of The Tomorrow People (I’ve only seen the 90’s American version) tv shows made it in, too. There are so many things that I need to rewatch or read again before I can confirm what I would love to offer to write or what I want to request. I probably need to locate the Holmes and Watson 1975 tv pilot with Robby the Robot.

These are all the ones that I have a particular interest in after looking—including the ones I nominated, somewhere among them:

The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter (Mostly going to read this soon)
Carmilla - J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Dracula - Bram Stoker
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson
The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle
Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the D'Urbervilles - Kim Newman
Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
The Real Ghostbusters
The Company of Wolves (1984)
Count Dracula (1977)
Crimson Peak (2015)
The Haunting (1963)
Horror of Dracula (1958)
The Innocents (1961)
Laura (1944)
The Mummy Series
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)
Sherlock Holmes (Rathbone films)
The Shadow (1994)
Van Helsing (2004)
Dark Shadows (Big Finish Audio)
Dark Shadows (1966)
Dark Shadows (1991)
Dracula (TV 1968)
Dracula: The Series (This is the 1990 version)
She-Wolf of London (TV)

I need to read Nine Coaches Waiting, by Mary Stewart. Tanz der Vampire - Steinman/Kunze is one that Youtube keeps recommending I watch, due to my interest in Dracula musicals. I spotted My Two Dads, which currently airs in reruns on Sunday nights on Antenna TV. Poltergeist: The Legacy is on daily on Comet TV.

I have She-Wolf of London, and the 1991 version of Dark Shadows on DVD, along with Dracula: The Series when it comes to the tv shows section.


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