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Week long trip to Kaua'i is drawing to an end.
Lord, I have a lot of things that I want to learn about Hawaiian history, botany, culture, politics!

I can make a long post once I'm home.
And hopefully figure out how to post photos into Dreamwidth.
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Healing progress report.
Grip strength decent ish. Some tingles and pins/needles when I use the full hand/put pressure on it to do things. Feels like my nerves are still confused. Still waking up swollen every damn morning. Got a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow and I think Larry will be able to adjust shoulder-elbow-wrist-finger for some damn relief. Ring and pinky finger are still too swollen -stiff to fold, though thumb adjustment mentioned in the last post is holding, no pain/swelling on that side anymore.

Preparing to leave on a trip Friday. Today's for packing lists and laundry, a haircut, and some minor repairs. Oh, and ordering bikini tops for express delivery, heh.

Time to get to work!
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After thirteen years of partnership, thousands of miles together, three teacher training weekend commutes over seven years, dozens of dance events, bbq's, picnics, clothing swaps, renfaires, goodwill and grocery and recycling runs, schlepping friends and family, trips to Tahoe and Burning Man, i relinquish my car Percy to a new phase of life. Singing along to the radio and CD's at the top of my lungs, (and chair dancing too). Talking out loud about my problems, worries, and concerns as though the car could hear me and respond. There were several truly *awesome* dates with epic makeouts in the back seat, including my first date after separating from the expouse where i lost that one diamond earring...

She ws scratched and scuffed (my fault and stupid mistake) but she was mine. My first nearly new car. The first car with payments. The first car that felt truly *safe* to drive, where i wasn't chronically worried about something breaking, or running out of gas, or how can i afford to make the repairs.
Percy was SECURITY. Percy was FREEDOM. Percy helped me achieve my goals and help hundreds of students.

Best car for my thirties. What a great car she was.

Im torn between wanting to chase down the tow truck driver and get her back and an ever increasing relief that she's now someone else's task and problem. She started enough this morning to drive 10 feet over to the tow truck so hopefully she will prove useful and bring a decent donation to the Big Brothers Big Sisters which is where we decided to donate the charity credit.

Oh. Having some feels about my car that isn't my car anymore. Brb, some dust in my eye.
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Life changes.
Life changes constantly.
Life changes unexpectedly.

There is no wisdom here. This counts as an "everybody knows this" maxim.
But it's certainly SOMETHING to go look at your beloved year-abroad University from 20 years ago (this year) and discover (on Google Maps) that there is STUFF there, structures and reputable companies, that POST-date my tenure there... That even the NAME of the university has altered.

Everything changes.
Everything changes constantly.
Everything changes unexpectedly.

But then,
the change which is unexpected to the outside observer,
no doubt feels perfectly inevitable to the individual, company, or group experiencing the change.

If this then is about expectation,
perhaps the Buddhist suggestion to release expectations is one of the best advice ever.
perhaps the Buddhist suggestion to cultivate Child-mind is one of the best advice ever.
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my dear friend Sarah is coming to visit from London for two weeks! She'll be splitting her time between me and her other bestest friend from Aberystwyth, Jenn (who I gather lives in SF!)

OMG this is going to be fun!!

Recommends for nature walks, cool shopping venues or farmers markets, cultural events that are "must-do's" and upcoming social events and invitations to dinner between the 14th and the 30th, hereby being solicited!

She's a foodie, too, so I know I'm taking her to Oliveto's and Luna Ristorante and probably to Greens and Millenium (Unless Jenn takes her out to one of those last two instead... LOL < /feeling competitive>)

Advice? Suggestions? Bueller? Bueller?
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got to have a lovely bbq with [ profile] starfinn, [ profile] blackbeard88, [ profile] kandykizz (sp?) and [ profile] felinasm, with other nice non-LJ using friends and family...

and to get there, I got to drive over the NEW BENICIA BRIDGE. **SQUEE!!!**

so nice, so quick, so smooth, and dedicated fastrak lanes that just DON'T SLOW DOWN at all!


it will be easier and less stressful now to go visit my mom, my friends on the other side of the benicia straits, Davis folk, and all.

*happy dance*


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