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Yesterday was a day for what Louisa May Alcott called, IIRC, "the black megrims" (aka depression)
which, I can't believe I remember that since it's been so long that I haven't read her stuff.

but I posted to Facebook,

Hey, y'all.
The Black Dog has me
tight in his jaws tonight.
prayers or good thoughts
or mental health spoons would be welcome.

and like, something like 80 people commented with encouragement?

I had dinner at the Thai place, wrote some self care stuff down, and also wrote down the obsessive thoughts to share with my therapist (who I'm seeing this afternoon).

After dinner, went for a long drive up 280. Got lost for about a minute because I had remembered there was somehow to turn around and go back south again at the junction for 92, wound up in a pull-out for a few minutes to let traffic clear so I could u-turn safely.

(note: the Prius headlights may need adjusting, field of vision when driving uphill is terrifyingly short)

and I came home, piled into bed, slept like the dead.

Didn't pile everything onto Jeff, which is good. Didn't drink to drunk, which is good. (had one beer with dinner, was tempted to drink to the point of stupid and resisted the temptation.)

I did good self care.

I can be proud of myself.
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Gentlemen of my reading list, particularly you of the feminist stripe:

a friend seeks assistance. She needs twenty-five more men to stand up against rape and rape culture, publicly.

You can read about it here and here.

I've particularly been struck by a recent meme on Facebook, which concludes that men should be offended when other men are apologists for rape culture or seek for exceptions to No Means No; to assume that men's natural state is rapist is a blow to all the kind, loving, and decent men I know who would never think of being so selfish as to force ANY unwanted attentions on ANYONE.

I HATE this topic. I HATE that we have to talk about this, that we have to convince people, that it ACTUALLY STILL NEEDS SAYING.

But our world is not as kind or as generous as I would have it be, and humans are not, either.
And so we have to explicitly *tell* people that sexual assault of ANY kind is not okay, and we have to do what we can to tip the balance toward respect for the agency and physical integrity of every individual, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, identification, presentation, history or reputation.

No means no.

Gentlemen of my friends list, please consider participating in YesheRabbit's project. I thank you in advance.
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Hey friends, (Sacramento friends particularly!)

an internet-poly-community LJ friend is asking assistance: his mom needs eye surgery and he's over two hours away.

The dates of need are this coming Monday, Oct 10, and also on Tuesday, Nov 1, the location, Rancho Cordova.

Is there anyone who can help a friend's Mother to the hospital and back?


I'll make you cookies (or work out an equivalent treat)...

Check in with [ profile] maestrodog HERE for details of the situation.

feel free to boost signal as needed!


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