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He said,
"Will you?"
She said,
"Yes, and...
I want THIS too!"
He said,
She said,
And then
"Move your elbow a little bit, hon...!"
"How should I move it? Perhaps like... This?"
She answered with a kiss.

This has been my week 9 entry for therealljidol, and the prompt was "Yes, and...".

Voting for Tribe 1 is HERE. If you liked this entry, please vote and help me to write another week!

I encourage everyone to enjoy the entries that my writing colleagues have also posted, available (HERE).
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Today's massage was pretty darn good. This was the first time in recent memory that I showed up for a massage with nothing actually hurting or needing the therapeutic work. So on the therapist's suggestion, I opted for a relaxation massage. That was nice, and he (he and I are new at working together) seemed much more comfortable in this mode than the sports-therapy massage I requested two weeks ago. So that went well.

I'd had Wrenb drop me off for my appointment, we'd been doing errands together, so I opted to walk home via the bike trail. Less than two miles, I figured...
(How tough could it be, right?)

Oh dear.

Upside: no muscles are sore, my back is fine and my endurance for such things is hugely increased over the last time I took a long walk like this.

Downside? My shoes/boots weren't entirely the optimal choice for a long walk down the asphalt bike path. No heel blisters, thank Hermes, but I have blisters. Under my calluses. On the balls of both feet.

And the first of the early morning workouts with Tal and Tshuma. Like ready to work at 8 am early, when I usually roll out of bed between 8 and 8:30 kind of thing.

Oh well. I'll make it march somehow, and Tal probably has ane encyclopedia of things I could work on without straining foot blisters.

I have faith. Tomorrow will be good, and I will work hard, because I want to be tougher and stronger.

That's that.

Now to check in on Spouse and Tshuma, and rustle myself some more food.

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Monday was a giant success in the Moving My Body department.
Matter of fact, I'm more than a bit sore today, in ways I haven't in weeks and weeks, so that's good.
(it's good because SORE is different than Injured or Impaired.)

Monday morning I met [ profile] wrenb at the gym for to try a new yoga class. Hadn't had a Hatha Yoga class in, well, at least a couple of years. *shrug* been doing other things, haven't had enough interest to go there, and it had seemed that the so-called Gentle Yoga was serving my yoga needs... But this Hatha class was very enjoyable and a good amount of challenge while not being a huge strain. Even if the teacher did look at me among others (I think I was the only roundy woman in the room) when she asked if any of us were new to yoga, I didn't mind. I was mildly amused, and smiled gently at her.

And then it was quite a good and thorough workout. The sacroiliac joint, where my chiropractor was working on me previously, made quite the series of long crackly readjustments toward the end of the session during a hip twisting stretch before savasana. It never hurts, but it still feels strange, like ... like pulling apart warm rice crispy treats. Only with a crunch with every stretch.

After Yoga, I spent some time with [ profile] wrenb, her husband, and her kids at a local park for part of the afternoon, then went home, took care of various personal and house things, and had something to eat before meeting [ profile] wrenb again for dance...5Rhythms in Mountain View. They meet, WE meet, at the Masonic Temple and use their ballroom for dancing. It's a HUMONGOUS lot of fun, although it's also challenging. Claire, the teacher, encourages all kinds of heart-centered meditation practices, and often has us try new exercises meant to break through the walls around our hearts, or break through our fears and engrained habits of self-image.

Claire ran an exercise last night that I know as a theater game... Everyone circles up. Then the teacher starts with simple statements: Walk across the circle if you identify as male. female ... as somewhere in between (two people I like, crossed the circle at that point, visually seeming as one of each gender).

Questions moved to a popcorn format eventually: Have you ever had your heart broken, have you ever been divorced, have you lost a parent, are you a grandparent, did you have a challenging day, did you have a good day, did you identify as other than heterosexual? (I walked for that one.) Have you lost an SO or a child? Are you now or have you been dealing with cancer. (I walked for that one as well, though a tiny bit of skin cancer hardly feels /worthy/, you know? But my little brother Scott died from cancer, so did my uncles Leo (leukemia) and Dino (skin cancer gone metastatic) and my cousin Jeff (testicular, he was only 6 months older than me), so fuck that, I will keep it in mind)

I danced a LOT. and I made an effort to dance with other people. 5 Rhythms isn't like ballroom or country dances, everyone dances alone most of the time, but people play together occasionally, in twos or threes or occasionally in hug-circles kind of things. It was good.

It wasn't an effort, like it usually is, to let someone come ask me (nonverbally) for contact or play. It flowed well, and was fun, silly, joyful. My native state. =D

More of this. Moving is joyful.
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Physical therapy went really well today.

10 minutes hard riding on the bicycle (unfortunately with some old white guys stuffed with Old White Guy Privilege on the bicycles next to me, partly why I went hard on the bicycle, to distract myself from Saying Something)

then I stretched a little and told Janet a little about dancing last night, and then she had me jump up onto the 4" step. Hop forward, and step back down. Forward, and hop off forward. Then (this was the part I was scairt of last time) hop up sideways from the right, and hop back the same way. Twice to prove the first time wasn't a fluke (wink). Then hop up the other sideways (from the left), and hop off.

and I wasn't scairt this time! but I also realized "hey, I never did this before in my pre-surgery life either, so, it's understandable to be a little scairt." And then I felt better about having been scairt and not trusting my right knee to Do The Thing, the first time.

and then, and THEN. She had me get on the treadmill and walk-jog. I was actually running! Whoo-hoo! Not very fast, and not very long, but running!

And after that, I was walking to cool down and she'd printed and brought over my List Of Goals for PT from awhile ago... "so you've started dancing again... Bicycling outside? Walking? Yoga?" I said how I do yoga at home but haven't tried a class since the surgery. She said, do the yoga carefully, with modifications, blocks and such. Then she reminded me I'd said I want to do rock climbing... she said, go ahead.

GO AHEAD. Though at the lowest, carefullest level. (eeee!)

She also said it looked like after one or two more sessions, if I keep up being physically active, I could probably be discharged from physical therapy.


Oh Gods, I'm high! from that and how good it feels to move and how it doesn't hurt or buckle or do weird things. It feels so good to move! I feel strong and healthy and so very very blessed today!

40 at 40...

Mar. 8th, 2010 08:07 pm
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I have an idea for a blog post: Advice for younger women.

I'd like to make it a list of 40 things I've learned as a woman of a certain age.

I'm not yet sure I HAVE 40 things I've learned as a 40 year old that would be valued by younger women.

Here's a start though. Edit: who knew I had this much good advice in me? =)

1) Pluck your chin hairs while your face is slightly 'dirty'... they come out easier and don't break.

2) If the person you're crushing on isn't all that "into you"... might want to reconsider why YOU are into THEM.

3) If your body is sore, move it. No, really. (And don't say should I move it if it's broken, I know you are smarter than that)

4) Invest in quality tools of all kinds. Take care of them. You don't need 3 pairs of mediocre scissors, or nailclippers, or whatever, if you have one good pair and you know where it is.

5) Get rid of crappy stuff. Get rid of multiples. You deserve better than to paw through boxes of crap looking for something you need.

6) Don't talk trash behind people's backs. Hell, don't talk trash period. You look petty and mean when you do.
Read more... )

Whew! Not too bad for a first draft! Any comments, advice, critiques, or contributions?

(that was SO much fun!!)
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Friday went reasonably well. The kids were very patient with me, though I got the hairy eyeball for messing up the words to the song and for ringing the wrong bell to call them back to recess. Because I don't know any better. =) I'm okay with that, observing for three days, out sick for one day, then taking the classroom for a day as the full teacher (the first substitute, I am told, that Scott has had during the three years he's had this class! Amazing!)

I had fun, I learned a whole lot, I have been reflecting on my mistakes and where I can fix them or do better next time.

Friday night and Saturday morning classes have been good from the perspective of preparing for the upcoming two weeks, and getting feedback from my classmates both on art and on lesson plans. Willow and Melinda both have said that they are envious of my energy and confidence in front of a classroom and that they think I'll be a wonderful Grades teacher. *beam*

A whole week of not-enough-sleep means I spent four hours comatose this afternoon instead of socializing with my hubby... =( But I had dinner and then have been reading and talking with him, telling him about my week, we have a fire going downstairs, and a really, RILLY nice bottle of Ridge Carignane (sp?) that we're drinking between us.


he's playing some kind of swing music downstairs, I'm going to investigate.
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There looks to be a whole series of these.
IANAB (I am not a biologist) but I think it has something to do with factors inhibiting stem cell growth and a particular cell that helps remove those inhibiting factors. Damn, if I have time I am going to cruise all of the videos in this series...


With thanks to [ profile] blessed_harlot, who linked to it on her LJ...
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Your result for The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test...

The Sorcerer

Pirate, Monkey, Punk, Cowboy

Sorcerers dance to the beat of their own drum. They are unconventional trendsetters focused on the freedom that comes at the cutting edge of the world, where they can set their own laws and codes as they explore the artist inside them. They live in the moment, although their introversion keeps them from wanting to be the center of attention, instead pushing them towards an exploration of their own dreams and natural talents. They dislike organized education and are bored by logic, and learn best with hands-on training that fits their own loose schedules. They are charming, if aloof, but get along well with animals and children, perhaps because these have fewer expectations and allow them to remain quiet and reserved. They believe in luck and following their instincts, and have an appreciation for beauty.

Sorcerers tend towards a Cyclothymic temperament, marked by an alternation between hypomanic and depressive moods also known as Bipolar or Manic-Depressive disorder. Their extreme shifts in mood and behavior include swinging between periods of low and with high self-esteem, creativity and apathy, energy and laziness, people-seeking and self-absorption, optimism and pessimism, laughter and sadness. Their unstable disposition leaves them prone to substance abuse, poor productivity at work, and bad relationships.

Famous sorcerers include Marie Antoinette, Auguste Rodin, Ulysses S. Grant, Marilyn Monroe and Donald Trump.

Take The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test
at HelloQuizzy

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There are 30 questions.

Answer each question with one name.

Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.

Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.
(I will tell you, if you ask for the questions, by private email or Private Message here on LJ. In return you promise to fill out the questions yourself and post them in your blog.)

(yes, the secrecy is part of what helps the meme to propagate. Heh.)

(I altered two questions. You can use the original or my alteration, but you should include the fact that I altered those two in further iterations of the meme.)

01. [ profile] zoethe

02. [ profile] themusecalliope

03. Nobody.

04. [ profile] eeyore_grrl

05. [ profile] battymaiden

06. [ profile] naamah_darling

07. Mario. [ profile] mrplanet4

08. [ profile] zpdiduda

09. [ profile] uncledark

10. [ profile] deedeebythebay

11. Nobody on my Flist or extended social group seems to fit in this category.

12. [ profile] 1radicaldreamer

13. [ profile] matociquala or [ profile] tammypierce

14. [ profile] frosteee or [ profile] lastmx

15. [ profile] foresto, or Megan T.

16. [ profile] astroaztec

17. [ profile] labelleizzy. =)

18. [ profile] wintergr3y or [ profile] ariyanakylstram

19. [ profile] qos

20. [ profile] bedpimp

21. Kristi, [ profile] mrsgiggle

22. Ray. [ profile] waywardbound

23. [ profile] masterfiddler’s wife Ellen

24. [ profile] pushkie [ profile] naamah_darling

25. [ profile] yezida

26. [ profile] dotarvi

27. [ profile] barelyproper

28. [ profile] livefalcon or [ profile] dragonfairie

29. [ profile] eeyore42

30. You all, and everyone else in my life, make it richer simply for the being IN it. You all bring something special, something wonderful. Thank you all for participating in the wider world that includes me.
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Lark was really fun.
I hit yesterday (friday) and was like - whoa, the week is over? what happened? =P We established routines very quickly and got very very busy. I think I started with 6 classes and ended with 5 every day.

but I learned lots, I probably have at LEAST three new cool friends and maybe more, two new hobbies, maybe more (and [ profile] ribbin and [ profile] miss_mimsy are gonna help me out with one at least, oh yes they are) and I have a new crush I think... heh. Oh, and I want to inherit Chris Caswell's teaching style and sense of humor when I get older... (not GONNA grow up...)

I feel tons stronger from hiking all over the place and dancing, except I tweaked my knee the last day of dance class so my knee and my lower lumbar muscles are duking it out for who is going to make my life more inconvenient... still ambulatory but the back hurts from overcompensating for the twang. I'll get my massage dude to pound hell out of my new muscles (yay for Aubre OMG she rocks my world SO hard!) and my new sore spot; that should help. Yay for Vitamin I.

Today we get to unpack, quick email check, wash clothes like crazy, soak in the tub, maybe reschedule the moving van by one day, depending on ppl's schedules.

Which I'm going to go check. Me geek, me write Livejournal first once I got my network and my browser working properly again. Heh!
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Survey on Jewish Language that you don't have to be Jewish to do! (thanks to [ profile] cyan_blue for the link!)

(but, I'm looking at you, [ profile] fools_and_irish, I think you'll have fun with this one.)

If you're not Jewish, never practiced the religion etc, the survey is much shorter. Took me about 10 minutes, and it was fun, especially for a language-whore like myself.
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Pantheacon was wonderful. I got to do some hanging out with [ profile] battymaiden, [ profile] ribbin, [ profile] deedeebythebay, [ profile] ladynanook. [ profile] thats_ms_dragon, [ profile] weirdodragoncat, [ profile] inflectionpoint, [ profile] zpdiduda, [ profile] ag_unicorn, and the kids. the kids were great. Also, ran into [ profile] phantomdancer yesternight in the lobby and had a lovely steak dinner together.

I had a fortuitous meeting on Saturday(?) with [ profile] qos (I mentioned her name to someone else and she was 5 feet away in the foyer!) and we had lunch. I am somewhat sad about missing her workshop at 3 today, but enjoyed chatting and getting acquainted earlier. I was just FRIED by 1 pm today.

([ profile] mitrian, I'm sorry we didn't get to connect. *sad face* however, it was an excellent weekend.)


the OMG Pombagira!!
the Kali Puja
the Iron Pentacle Working with Veedub
Engaging The Warrior's Heart with Thorn Coyle
I have Runes! And snakes! and played a little with drums! (wish I'd done that more)
the Huna workshop earlier today
the concert with RJ Stewart and Kaitlin Matthews
giving away my Wisteria seedpods...
Getting Ribboned
Giving away "Love is a Verb." slips
Hail Caffeina!
Getting Henna'd and getting advice on motherhood from Renu (hugs go to her!)

things to remember:

"There is no part of me that is not of the Gods" - Veedub
"All parts of me are of the Gods" - me

Huna Philosophy:
Uni'hi'pi'li - Childself, childlike holds memory, connected with earth, body, physical maint.
U'ha'ne - Upperself, spirit of social interaction, spends a lot of time wanting to be loved, frequently
gives orders to Uni'hi'pi'li
Au'ma'ku'a - the Godself - work towards an alignment of the three souls.

(note to self.)
Bearcubs wrestling - biggest one almost always wins.
Waterfall flows to Lake.
Lake Dammed by network of beavers.
Bears come to drink at Lake, to hunt and fish near the Lake.

Each Bear must hunt and fish independantly in order to get skilled, in order to feed themselves and each other, and to learn how to STOP FIGHTING.

**What kinds of relationships do I form with other people?


Lyrics: (Check with D and L to confirm melody)
In all of my power I open up
In all my strength I rise
In all of my power I open up
I'm reaching for the skies

Open to power
Reach for love
Open to power
Reach for love
Open to power
Reach for love
Open to power
Reach for love

Commitment => Honor => Truth => Strength => Compassion => Commitment.

"What are the gods on the altar of your mind?"

Keep your Hara firm.
Find all your Parts and Love them.
Find out what you want. Start there.
Practice builds its own momentum. Do it everyday.
Till sometime it becomes more interesting to do the Work than to feed the distractions.
What is my commitment? And what am I going to DO about it?

And read more about the Iron Pentacle.
(Feri is fun but it's not my path - think they'd be AWESOME to hang out with and do Work with though - the energy is FANTASTIC.)

...OK, not so brief. *wry grin*

Lemme know if this is too long & should be behind a cut. kthxbai
*returns to lesson planning*
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...sometimes I think I am a freak for taking pleasure in things no one else talks about.
... sometimes i think i am a child for taking pleasure in things that are "too simple."

* beautiful blue skies and crisp fresh air
* a dandelion in flower, growing up thru the sidewalk cracks...
* clean ears after a shower or bath (yay Q-tips!)
* eating really good food when I'm really hungry
* being busy or engrossed in something really cool to the extent that I forget to eat....
* swimming, jacuzzi, floating, feeling my hair spread out in the water...
* dancing along in my house with a favorite radio song, and feeling that I somehow have "nailed it" - I dunno, moving just with the rhythm, using muscles I don't usually use...
* a much needed haircut - great satisfaction in this
* saying something that makes a friend grin, who I don't see often enough to really KNOW what makes them grin...
* completion of a small but necessary task
* cuddles & great conversation
* laughing till my ribs hurt or I'm gasping for breath
* making someone else laugh uncontrollably
* a wicked, flirty smile (mine or someone else's)
* being "in the zone" while freeway driving - utterly aware of other drivers' patterns, and even anticipating trouble... (thank you, Hermes!)
* good hair days (ok, sometimes I'm a little shallow)
* sunlight shading green through late-afternoon sun-dappled branches...
* a long, close hug where you trust the person enough to lay your head on their chest, or on top of their head, and leave it there for awhile...

... and there's so much more!
But, I have a date with a friend for a tutorial on MS Office Suite, and I'm gonna go do that thing.

Ok, on the job front, have applied to 2 jobs at UCDavis, have to review the other 5 for due-dates and requirements, and have to mail hard copy of the second UCDavis app with my resume, today.

Thanks to everyone who has been offering support and commentary. It makes me feel not-so-alone in the jobhunting challenge.


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