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Had just over half a workout yesterday. Traffic conditions conspired against me getting to the gym on time.

Tal still hella kicked my ass though, ow, my quads... Ow the tails of my pectorals.

Lots of assisted squats and rowing using the straps and handles that hang down from the frame.
One exercise she had me do after some inverted rowing was where you hang in the full arm extension position, body is straight, heels on the ground. Body's hanging at about 45° to the floor. Normally from here you row up. This time she had me walk one foot about 8" back so my knee was bent, engage that leg for support, and the "row" was to open your arms like wings. Like doing flies with weights, but the effort to raise your body is in the pulling your arms straight back at shoulders height. Wow that was interesting!

Squats included squat coming up to toes, and squat coming up to hop up, land smoothly and into another squat. That was interesting too! Rough to do the first few times til Tal pointed out where I was having difficulty. I think I can do those again, without a problem.

And then yesterday I spent time with Nicole talking costumes for Burning Man, and mid afternoon I pinged M and N to see if they'd like company for dinner. It worked out well for me. I got fun friendly company for dinner, and got to leave the house free for Jeff to have some quality time. :)

One neat thing I noticed during the dinner engagement, was after this frustrating parking lot thing (had to go back and forth to my car multiple times when the pay station turned its nose up to my credit card)... The neat thing was casually jogging back to my car. Because I could. And didn't care who was watching. Probably helps that I was still wearing my gym shoes and shorts and (ahem) an appropriately supportive undergarment... But I did it. Just for fun, and maybe to show off a little. :)

I was thinking on the way home that it'd be interesting to challenge myself on the treadmill at the gym... See if I could run, say, for three minutes straight. And how many intervals like that could I do? Three running, one walking. Could I do that? Seems fun to try!

So there WAS one not-cool thing about dinner last night but that has to do only with the food.
The food was delicious, don't get me wrong. However I failed in my choices as a newly minted diabetic. One rainbow roll, one deep fried oyster (thanks for sharing, N!), one spicy hamachi hand roll, two unagi nigiri, a bit of iceberg lettuce in that slightly sweet peanut sauce salad dressing, and green tea.
So the massive amounts of sushi rice included in that tally sent my blood sugar levels thru the roof, sort of. Two hours after eating my score was 241. That's TWICE my post-meal average.

Dammit. I do love sushi rice but it certainly doesn't love me. Pfui.
Time for New Choice when I go for sushi.

Last thing, to end on a high note: the final cool thing about my day was getting trapped, or rather "trapped" in the parking lot, because I found the situation delightful!

A batería, a Brazilian drum corps, was playing at the far end of the lot, past my car. And then M, N, and I notice there's samba dancers, dressed in feathers and fringe and heels, starting to get organized behind the batería. They wind up playing and marching slowly/dancing, circling the lot, for like fifteen minutes. I loved it.

I posted a couple of crappy photos on FB, and one old friend says, "you didn't join them? Why not?" Argh stupid Engraved Invitation Syndrome. Eh. But it looked like enough fun that I'm going to look up the dance group (Samba Conmigo) and see if they do lessons.

So yesterday was A Good Day.

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It turns out to be a fairly big deal with my mental health & my thinking capacity if I go 5 hours without eating. Oy.

I also did get to the gym to do a little weightlifting (but it's been a month since I did that) so kept it brief and focused on the muscles supporting my surgery knee ( or both my knees, really)... good to get back to it. Knee has been twinging pretty good the last week or so.

I have checked in at the gym at least once a week since October 1, but that's not even enough to maintain the fitness improvement I developed while the physical therapy was underway. if it weren't for the Monday night dance class, I'd be losing ground even quicker...

need to go twice a week at least to gain fitness.

any suggestions wrt incentives?

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Dinner helps everything be better.
Steak, tater tots, a lovely Zinfandel, some blueberries, should all help with my recent case of anemia.

Made it to the gym tonight!
Not a super long session, but I did some cardio, some weights (I have to eat greens and fruit only before next session, I ate buttered rice with cheese and herbs and got a very acid stomach) and finished up with light stretching.

Been over a week since my last gym visit, and the bod has been complaining about the lack. Got turned on to the chance of a blues dance event not far from here, every Thursday. I've never done blues dancing before, though I've watched others dance ( thinking of [ profile] tshuma and [ profile] dougygyro at Lark camp, and it's lovely, flirtacious, and sensual. Should be great, though taxing on thigh muscles.

Gotta date tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

More dating, more dancing. Life is good.
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In my refrigerator, we almost always have a small carton of cream. =)

That's because Jeff likes to make cream sauces and add cream to soups and things. It's convenient for me as well, because my habit of taking tea every morning is a reliable drain on our whole-milk. And then sometimes we run out of milk, and then I get to have cream in my tea instead. Which can be really REALLY nice, once in awhile. It's too heavy for everyday, but nice.

Not long ago, I went to the cream carton (I hadn't managed the necessary grocery run to refurbish milk) and surprised, only got a few drops out of a carton that felt, to the heft, to be half-full.

I peered inside.

Swirls and chunks of creamy clotted goodness clung to the sides of the carton.

By george, I thought, we've *made* clotted cream! *heart flutter*

I'm an anglophile, if you didn't know that already, and started to develop the daily tea habit 20 years ago when I lived in Wales for an Education Abroad Program year. I used to put sugar in my tea, then when I went on weight watchers I was putting the blue stuff in my tea, but that crap gives a weird chemically-flavored aftertaste. Nowadays I usually put honey in my tea, then add milk.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, I'm drinking Decaf Irish Breakfast. I didn't want to have a caffeine headache atop the other likely post-surgical pains. Seemed a reasonable precaution, and I'm glad I thought of it.

Today for breakfast I had a pair of fried eggs, a sliced apple, the Decaf Irish Breakfast, (with just milk, because I also had) two slices of toast with the homemade clotted cream and a bit of the Rose preserves that have probably been in the fridge since my last tea party (don't ASK me how long that has been!).

Absolutely delicious breakfast.

Planning ahead to have the supplies in the fridge and pantry so you can make scrumptious things you love is a skill hard-won over time. I am so glad I, and we, do that now.

Food is a simple pleasure. I love that somehow I have rooted out the Puritannical guilt I used to feel around eating delicious food.

Life is too short for that baloney. Eat the mortadella instead.

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1) gorgeous crisp clear sunny day
2) art supplies
3) idea for art that Jeff has and wants to explore
4) tons of food in the fridge and freezer and pantry
5) friends who love me
6) family who love me (even though I'm weird...! they haven't said that for awhile though.)
7) warm cozy clothes
8) warm soft cozy bed
9) better-than-decent health, better than decent body
10) good brain that works on solutions in conjunction with heart and body
11) tea (mmm tea, time to go boil a kettle)
12) beautiful things in my life like movies, furniture, jewelry, this house
13) my cats (of COURSE my cats are #13!)
14) the sea, the sky, the trees, the earth, the flame - all so beautiful and so different!
15) my vegetable garden
16) medical insurance (fucked up that this is something to be thankful for instead of everyone just being covered!)
17) texture of objects - my teacup, my sweater, this desk, my cat's fur...
18) peace I've found since figuring my shit out and uprooting the unhealthy stuff in my heart
19) clarity of thinking since #18
20) children I get to work with
21) dedicated teachers and students I get to work with
22) cool people I have yet to meet(!)
23) adventures
24) learning new stuff (and getting frustrated and figuring it out)
25) the internet and all the friends I have found in it
26) really good pens and crisp strong paper
27) self-knowledge
28) intuition and having learned to trust it
29) breakfast at 11:45 am
30) and breakfast for dinner last night =)
31) the bike friendly town I live in which also has decent public transit
32) learning new things about how my body works in particular (see #24)
33) toast with cream cheese and fig spread (and all the other tasty foods!)
34) autumn leaves backlit by the descending sun
35) sunlight breaking through the clouds during a rainshower and how the world glows
36) my faith system and the deep thorough nourishment it brings me
37) rereading favorite beloved books (I just found Freckles on Google Books! I think I'm going to cry with happiness!)
38) Everyone reading this. You are appreciated and loved.
39) Second chances
40) Everyone who ever extended a hand or said a kind word when I was down. You made a difference.
41) A fresh and shiny new year to learn, love, grow, work, and change the world for the better.

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Friday went reasonably well. The kids were very patient with me, though I got the hairy eyeball for messing up the words to the song and for ringing the wrong bell to call them back to recess. Because I don't know any better. =) I'm okay with that, observing for three days, out sick for one day, then taking the classroom for a day as the full teacher (the first substitute, I am told, that Scott has had during the three years he's had this class! Amazing!)

I had fun, I learned a whole lot, I have been reflecting on my mistakes and where I can fix them or do better next time.

Friday night and Saturday morning classes have been good from the perspective of preparing for the upcoming two weeks, and getting feedback from my classmates both on art and on lesson plans. Willow and Melinda both have said that they are envious of my energy and confidence in front of a classroom and that they think I'll be a wonderful Grades teacher. *beam*

A whole week of not-enough-sleep means I spent four hours comatose this afternoon instead of socializing with my hubby... =( But I had dinner and then have been reading and talking with him, telling him about my week, we have a fire going downstairs, and a really, RILLY nice bottle of Ridge Carignane (sp?) that we're drinking between us.


he's playing some kind of swing music downstairs, I'm going to investigate.
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I so often forget such a simple mood enhancer as putting a cd on.
(no, my ipod docking station/speakers aren't unpacked. Maybe someday!)

Irish dance music with an excellent hand-drum rhythm section. No, it's not a bodhran, no, I'm not sure how I know, I just know.

simple food for dinner - oven baked fries and a buffalo burger. Yes, I should eat some vegetables. I can't bring myself to care right now. And that's okay. Sometimes you just have to eat your comfort food.


Jan. 20th, 2009 08:53 am
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Wow. Just wow.

I want a copy of the inaugural poem and I want a copy of Barack's speech and I want a copy of the blessing, even. I am happy.

I'm across the street at my neighbors' house, where they held an inauguration party in their aMAzing kitchen/living room, with the ginormous tv and view of the lovely backyard; so many happy liberal democrats in the same room, and an amazing breakfast spread... Had to turn down a glass of what was probably some awesome champagne, glad I brought my own teacup over...

I am so happy to hear Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddows (sp) even Chris Matthews, swapping history geek stories about past presidencies... watching the crowd scenes and the incredible multiculturalism everywhere and the enthusiasm and the optimism and hope... Barack being strong and upright and noble and positive and photogenic... (lol) and I am so pleased at being able to breathe deeply, and smile for real, and to hope. to HOPE.

This will not be an easy road. This will not happen overnight. But it certainly sounds like the philosophical style is more about doing, about self-sufficiency, about being fair and transparent (I love this concept, especially if we can successfully implement it into the government...)

~~I'm going to go looking for a copy of the SF Chronicle and for a copy of the Contra Costa Times as well, and read them cover to cover... (or something... LOL)

~~My neighbors Joan and Mike are awesome. I hope to get a chance to know them better in the upcoming, if they stay living across the street (their house is for sale)...

~~GW's plane just took off. Wow, people cheering in the background...

I never thought talking about economic policy was interesting, but I grok it much better now than I ever did, and I have more of an investment in understanding it also... homeowners and mortgages and foreclosures (and how to help people avoid them), and how to "goose the economy" ... and a story from Al Roker about being on a bus full of high school band kids, who cheered when Obama took the oath of office... and speculating on how it might feel to BE Obama, looking out on Washington at all those people cheering for him...

the atmosphere of engagement and interest and investment, the appeal to young people, th wanting to work together... "this is a Moment" says Al Roker, "that I haven't seen since I was a kid, and Kennedy was inaugurated..."

Hope. HOPE. Wow.


Jan. 14th, 2009 08:14 pm
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Another Joy...

I heard ANOTHER counterpoint to the round I've got. *grin* I'll stop at three "voices" this time, because Dorit said "sanguines" tend to over-do the assignment... but I enjoy over-doing this one!


A Good Day at work. Leslie and David (the co-ministers) are so explicitly glad to have me there working in the office, I think Leslie has thanked me an average of twice for each day I've worked. It's so nice to be wanted.


one LONG nap when I came home, waking up to find my sweetie in his sexay new glasses trudging through/staring at a particular problem that's been bedevilling him for about a month... and then I suggested he go write stuff down and get it out of his head, and he DID. Walked past the office 10 minutes later smelling that whiteboard marker chemical smell, and he'd hauled the white board out, dumped his brain, and started playing piano for awhile. I love being helpful.


I got to eat the OTHER leg of the rotisserie chicken. MMM, tasty dark meat. I got to eat the first leg at lunch.

so yeah. Life is good.

BTW, I love watching the Joy Photo meme going around (thanks [ profile] simplykimberly for shining up my day with that meme, and thanks [ profile] ef2p for the Daily Photo meme as well) but despite being a visual learner, I just am not addicted to photos. Someday though I want to get the hang of uploading photos, I have a few good ones trapped on the digital camera.
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For one thing, we got one of our favorite lecturers back, so that was great.

Then after Recorder and lecture, I went back to the barn with a bunch of people (like 10, we had an alumnus stay over for the night)...

Before we went back to the Barn, we went out to the Bar.
I had a suspicion that was what was planned; they've talked of doing this for other Birthday Celebrations, (and it was the Celebration for Mary as well) so I wasn't totally unprepared.

I had already discussed the sobriety-plan before school with my friend Mauricio (who is kinda a pothead, but whatever) and with another friend, and wound up soliciting Joanie and Sarah for support as we were walking up to the door of the bar. Nothing desperate, I was relaxed, but people knowing what's going on with me, felt like it would be more than half the battle. Joanie said, well, I know they serve tea, and I'll just have tea with you.


So I had Lemon Zinger, and she had Apple Cinnamon, and I talked briefly with the bartender about going for my 30-day chip (which I should be eligible for Wednesday). He was supportive - he asked what was my goal; I need to work more on verbalizing what exactly IS my goal; right now it's an exercise in Will/willpower.

To return to the first bit, both flavors of tea went admirably with the OMG ginger-cake with little BEESWAX birthday candles on top (Yeah, Jessica blew them out and saved them, no surprise here)... the cake was so GOOD and quite honestly unexpected, and I'd had a sniff of Sarah's beer (a new brand for me) and Evangeline's hot toddy (I think it was rum and lemon), so most of curiosity was satisfied...

But the cake? no pun, no lie, that fed me and Fed Me better than any booze would have done. And sharing it and the recognition, was beautiful too. I got a bead bracelet from Willow, a little beeswax taper from... I think it was Sarah, and a teeny little holder for it; a cool 4-in-1 color pencil from Mary, who brought one for everyone, and a handmade card from two more people... Evangeline... and... I need to check. (memory test)

and they sang us (or we sang us, cos I sang also) happy birthday, right there in the pub...

Here's the lyrics to the Waldorf birthday song:

We wish you a happy birthday
A joyous and celebrated birthday
To Our Dear Friend
May you have a joyful life!

We sing it once thru, straight, and then it becomes a round - it's gorgeous, truly.

After we ate and laughed and talked and listened (I need to do some more listening, but I'm not talked out yet...*sigh*) we cleaned up after ourselves and went back to the Barn, where we built a scary-hot fire in the woodstove that stands in the middle of the room (I discovered today that I did indeed singe my scarf-fringe on the stove last night!)... and I put on PJ's, laid out my bedding and Joanie offered to rub my feet. Which was bliss, truly. A light rose-oil scent... and I just relaxed, near enough to the fire to benefit from the light and warm. When she was done, (I hope I expressed my true thanks for the effort!) I put my socks back on, tucked into my bag, and started to doze off, with laughter and conversation nearby and the heat from the stove warming the top of my head.
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my dear friend Sarah is coming to visit from London for two weeks! She'll be splitting her time between me and her other bestest friend from Aberystwyth, Jenn (who I gather lives in SF!)

OMG this is going to be fun!!

Recommends for nature walks, cool shopping venues or farmers markets, cultural events that are "must-do's" and upcoming social events and invitations to dinner between the 14th and the 30th, hereby being solicited!

She's a foodie, too, so I know I'm taking her to Oliveto's and Luna Ristorante and probably to Greens and Millenium (Unless Jenn takes her out to one of those last two instead... LOL < /feeling competitive>)

Advice? Suggestions? Bueller? Bueller?
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Imagine mac-n-cheese. Remember when you were a kid, you had a comfort food?
Mac-n-cheese was a common one, or some variation thereof... (my mom's tuna casserole, mmm cheesy goodness.)

so now imagine you're grown up,
and y'know, you like some spices with your meal,
and a decent glass of wine,
but you're lazy.

So you throw some rotini pasta in the pan, boil it up,
go get some thyme from the plant in your backyard,
pour a glass of Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel,
(now the pasta's about done)
scoop pasta out of pan into a bowl with a triple-pinch of thyme, some cracked pepper and garlic salt,
and because you're really lazy, use the slotted spoon to cut some butter into the bowl,
(keep stirring while the pasta's still hot)
cut a bit of cream cheese in there
(keep stirring)
and go sit down on the couch with candles lit, your glass of wine, and your damn laptop, because you're going to brag about it on your Livejournal.


(cos DAY-UM, this is some fine dinner I got me here!)
(sips wine)
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for my future reference. I CAN make risotto with out Jeff in the house helping. W00+!

Tonight's Ingredients:

Butter, 2 dollops (administered separately)
one small fresh jalapeno, finely diced with seeds
one med yellow onion, diced
one portobello mushroom, randomly chopped =)
2 cups arborio rice.
2 cups white wine (TJ's Honey Moon Viognier, tasty!)
4 cups TJ's chicken broth (used the whole carton)
handful of dried oregano, crumbled
handful of dried parsley, crumbled,
handful of fresh basil
double handsfull of Pecorino Romano /Parmesan blend, or to taste

You need a 12" fry pan and an 8 cup pot for boiling the broth.

(Prep work of dicing already complete)
Start the wine and the broth on boiling in the sauce pan. Start butter dollop one melting in the frypan.
add jalapeno, & onion to fry pan till onions are translucent. add portobello.
Remove veggies from pan to a bowl, second dollop butter into fry pan, add the 2 c. arborio rice. Saute on med. heat till grains start to become translucent. By this time the broth/wine should be boiling. Turn it off. Ladle about 1/2 cup of broth into the frypan with the rice. Stir till mostly evaporated/absorbed.
Lather rinse repeat till half your broth is gone. Add the veggies back in, crumble the oregano and parsley in, new ladle of broth, mix thoroughly. Taste rice from time to time to check on desired done-ness.
Just before you add the last bit of broth, ready your parmesan/romano blend. bung in the broth, stir, add the basil, stir, add the cheese, stir till it's not wet, turn off the gas. Let it hang out for a couple minutes, bung a whole bunch of it in a bowl, pour the rest of the viognier to enjoy with your dinner, and, of course...

blog about it on Livejournal.



May. 7th, 2008 09:42 pm
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scrambled my eggs in a little butter and homemade habanero-oil, with a bit of cheddar and green and red onions and red pepper.

very tasty and just the slightest bit of heat.

Go me!

In other news, my homework still isn't done, and Jeff is still at work. Le sigh.



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